Game of Thrones: Conquest 1.2.218887

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Are you up for a real challenge? Westeros is yet again surrounded by enemies and traitors who want to sit on the throne. You have probably dreamt many times of becoming a part of this fantasy world where danger seems real and it awaits at every corner. Nobel houses are fighting for more power, you can see dragons flying up in the sky and the army of the undead is moving from the North to conquer and kill everything that stands in their way.

Game of Thrones: Conquest

This game is based on the popular TV series and presents you with the world of brutal political confrontation where the smartest or the strongest doesn’t always come on top, because for every smart person there’s somebody who can outsmart him. The iron throne is waiting for you and you can join the battle right now. You start from conquering all other kingdoms like Winterfell and Black Castle and with every win you get closer to the iron throne of Westeros.

Game of Thrones: Conquest

Increase your might with a stronger army and allies. Be careful though, you can’t trust anyone here. If you have watched the series, then you know that traitors are everywhere and you can’t even trust yourself for this matter! Politics play an important role here, so try to be active in that sense and support your council and allies.