Geometry Dash 2.111

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Geometry Dash is a platform arcade game released in 2013. The developer of the game was Robert Topala, the founder of RobTop Games. The game supports both Android devices and PC’s. In total all the game versions includes 38 levels with 21 levels in the full version. All the levels come with unique background music. The main task of the player is to use the abilities of the cube and other means to get to the end, making your way through various obstacles. If the player crashes into one of the obstacles, the level starts over. In the full version of the game there is also a level editor, which allows you to create new levels and transfer them to other players. The gameplay in Geometry Dash is pretty simple. The player needs to click on the touch screen.

Geometry Dash for Android

Most of the character settings, such as the shape of the cube or the effect of death, are customizable. In order to change them, click the button with the image of the 4th form of the cube in the main menu. You will find different shapes of your characters. Here you can customize the shapes of the cube, ship, UFO, ball, etc. Shapes can be obtained after accomplishing achievements, opening chests, entering codes in secret repositories. Choose the primary and secondary colors. Here you can customize the character’s colors. The color is automatically applied to all the customizable shapes. Here is a customizable effect tail from the flying shapes of your characters or traces from the spheres. You can get the majority of them by entering secret codes, completing levels and so on. You can also look at different death effects. Some of these effects can be purchased in stores.

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In version the newer version there were 2 types of game currencies. Diamonds are the official currency and they can be obtained by opening chests, passing tests, daily and weekly levels, etc. Diamonds cannot be spent on anything. But after you collect, for example, 500 diamonds, the secret store will be open.

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There are 8 difficulty levels: Auto, Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, Insane and Demon. Also, demon complexity is divided into: Easy Demon, Medium Demon, Hard Demon, Insane Demon and Extreme Demon. For each completed level the player receives stars. The more stars, the higher the ranking. The more difficult the level, the more stars are given for its completion.

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