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Geometry Dash 2.2

Arcade games on Android phones and tables are usually associated with a very primitive gameplay. However, one should not confuse the concept of “primitive” and “simple”, because there are very complex arcade games on mobile devices with a gameplay that may seem simple but it’s not so. If you are an ardent fan of challenging arcade games like Flappy Bird or Swing Copters, then you should definitely try Geometry Dash for Android.

What is the main concept of Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash is a 2D pixel arcade. A player will have to control a somewhat passive character who can only jump. The protagonist will come across various obstacles like different geometric figures. Your task is to avoid the collision with quickly moving figures. Control your character who is sliding on the floor. Make sure to pass and jump through the entire level, remaining safe and sound.

Gameplay features of Geometry Dash on Android

The game offers 2 main modes: practice and normal mode with 20 levels. When playing the Practice mode a player can save his or her progress at special checkpoints. If the protagonist dies, you continue to play from the saved point. Such feature is available only in Practice mode.

A player requires to reveal serious restraint, good reaction and patience to go through the same levels over and over again. Despite the difficulty of gameplay, control is limited with one button you need to tap on your phone’s or tablet’s screen. To achieve the successful completion of the whole game Geometry Dash, you need to consider the fact that the distance between the floating platforms is calculated in advance. You just need to figure out when to jump or not. There are platforms like step of a ladder — in this situation it is enough to press the screen many times, and the hero will make precise jumps from one platform to another.

It seems that such game is quite difficult to diversify when it comes to the level design. But the developers from the studio RobTop Games made it quite possible.

In addition to the gaming process described above, the protagonist will also move with the help of various kinds of transport like airplanes, flying saucers, etc. It’s worth mentioning that the main hero and any transport can be painted in any color. Yes, there are many options for customization. For example, instead of an airplane, you can customize a dragon and fly on the dragon through levels.

The visual style of the game is stunning, as well as quite colorful and dynamic. Such visual style is perfectly combined with the retro level design. Strongly recommended to the fans of challenging arcades on Android!

You can free download Geometry Dash 2.2 apk for android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.

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