Giovanni's Nightmare 1.1.3

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Giovanni’s Nightmare is a funny arcade game for Android devices. The main adventures occur in Giovanni’s dream, you have to go through 5 worlds and 24 levels. While Giovanni is sleeping, he dreams a nightmare and you can walk through them. Will you help him wake up from a deep nightmare? Ahead you have five worlds and 24 levels to be passed. In the funny arcade Giovanni’s Nightmare, you can help Giovanni, who is tormented by nightmares. Just imagine, he is already afraid of the night – after all, he should fall asleep, before something unthinkable begins. Now it’s up to you to decide whether he will be able to wake up and how to make this horror forever leave him. To do this, you need to collect alarm clocks on each level that they can use to wake up before a new nightmare overcomes it. Hurry up, because the main protagonist has almost no strength left!