Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.08

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GTA: San Andreas is a famous adventure and action game, by the Rockstar North studio. It was published as the fifth part in the GTA franchise ahd has become very popular. The plot of the game unfolds in 1992 in a fictional state San Andres, reminiscent of California. The protagonist of this story is CJ (Carl Johnson), African American 25 years old. Carl left his native city of Los Santos 5 years ago. This place has always been full of gang wars, drugs and corruption. Corrupt police are trying to arrest Karl at the entrance to the city. Carl must restore the Grouve families and gain control over the streets of Los Santos. On the way home, CJ is detained by the Los Santos officer of police Frank Tenpenny, the head of the special operations unit of C.R.A.S.H. Gang wars between the enemy gangs happen every time the player goes into enemy streets and kills three enemy gang members. After this, you must withstand three attacks of enemies gangs to protect the occupied territory. Streets nearby become controversial, and are attacked by other gangster groups. Grouve families must capture as much territory and money with it as possible. At the same time, your streets are also being raided by Balla OG’ s and fellow gangs. Car modification: Most auto in GTA: San Andreas can be tuned. All changes are visual and do not affect the characteristics. The most popular ones are side skirts, bumpers, paintjobs, spoilers, rims, body kits and other. Burglary is the correct way of making money. On the van for burglary CJ can is able to penetrate into the dwelling at night, steal valuables, shake down the occupant. Minigames in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Include a basketball, rhythm-based floorer, pool, classic arcade. Also there are gambling, such as sweepstakes at the races. The monetary systemin fifth GTA has been improved. You can spend on food, weapons, clothing, lose in gambling. If you lose too much, then there is the possibility of being attacked by collectors. Multipleer: in GTA: San Andreas can be played together, if you are not far from a partner.