Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 1.09

GTA Vice City on Android is a popular 3D action game made by the famous studio Rockstar Games. The new game will help players to explore crimes and beauties of virtual Vice City in the setting of 1980s.

The Vice City has grown compared to previous GTA games. There are many different tasks. There is also an optimized gameplay. But the main secret of the success of GTA Vice City that it has ceased to be too gloomy and dark, as it was with the case of GTA III. Despite the dilution with bright colors, the GTA III fans didn’t turn away from the new game — it turned out to be too innovative to be easily taken away.

The immersion of a player in the world of Vice City begins with the release of Tommy Vercetti from prison. He begins to build a criminal empire. The player will eventually advance in the circles of the criminal world.

Even in comparison with the GTA III, the GTA: Vice City made a big breakthrough. In this game you can trade real estate and launder money. Get ready to spend 30 hours of your life on the main storyline. And to complete all other tasks you will need at least another 70 hours!

Pros of playing GTA: Vice City on Android:

  • Very good animation and models of NPCs;
  • Excellent graphics and spectacular animations;
  • Giant city with many beautiful places;
  • Dynamic and funny gameplay;
  • Many interesting missions and tasks;
  • Customizable vehicles — a variety of cars, motorcycles, ships and aircraft;
  • Exciting story about the criminal world of 1980s;
  • A wide selection of extravagant outfits for the main protagonist;
  • Complete freedom when exploring the Vice City;
  • Supports of mods and customization tools;

The graphics of the mobile version of the game has been improved. New special effects have appeared, thanks to which the Vice City has become even brighter. Modified highlights, reflections and sunlight — the city looks really amazing. The improved blur effect helped to make many low poly objects less clumsy. In general, the new Vice City is fully consistent with the level of other blockbuster games for Android.

Controls are almost perfect: you’ll quickly get used to virtual controls. The location of the virtual joystick and control buttons as convenient as possible for a player. But, even if someone is not satisfied with such an arrangement of the touch buttons, he can easily tune them up as he needs.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on Android tells the story of an adventurous protagonist who struggles to earn some cash in sunny Vice City that was inspired by Miami of 1980s. If you like GTA games, you can’t miss this great mobile version on Android.

You can free download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 1.09 apk for android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.

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