Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 1.07

download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 1.07 for free

Tony Vercetti is bold and reckless person – almost perfect candidate for a criminal. He is going to get a bittersweet life in Vice City. However, warm place under the sun demands many sacrifices. Game Features: Vice City is a tropical mobster paradise, set in80-s style– land full of opportunities. Make your way through 64 unique missions, developed by a talented and renowned Rockstar development team. Drive more than 100 vehicles (actually 101). Motorcycles, sportcars, reactive interceptors, heavy armored tanks and a variety of unique transports. As well, as lot of ways to use them properly. Lots of collectable content: secret weapons, packages, mini-games, buyable property, Easter eggs, stunt places, races and additional missions. Maybe too many for one person to find. Full game, complete adaptation of famous action series, brought to you by legendary Rockstar and War Drum Studios. GTA: Vice City. Famous third person action game from GTA series, inspired by a famous Scarface film and real criminal legends. Here you will live in a skin of Tommy Vercetti – coldblooded merciless gangster, eager for a good life. During the plot, you will meet many interesting persons, breach through uncommon missions, crush a lot of cars and enemy skulls and generally get fun from it. Still, VC is good not only for its script, but for a deep gameplay. Free gameplay is full of entertaiments such a going postal, racing, rare auto thefting, ice cream vagon missions, stupid deaths and bomb deliveries. Guns, melee weapons, explosives and more unconventional things will help you to calm down enemies and have a brutal fun, standing against whole army of cops and military. The city is divided into three big districts and each of them has dozens of missions and secrets, each mission agent will give you an unique plot arc, such as geek confrontation, grand theft of military transport, bank robberies, mass massacres, that damn helicopter mission et cetera. Do you want to get that masterpiece? Here you can download GTA: Vice City for free, click on the link and get ready to the big rumble.