Grow Castle 1.19.9

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Grow Castle is a simple but very entertaining game with elements of tower defense. You will be able to control many different warriors, each possessing different abilities. Your goal is simple. Don’t let your enemies destroy your castle. Attack your enemy and push the hordes of enemies back where they came from.

Grow Castle

By destroying enemies you get points and with their help you are able to acquire useful things, such as new warriors, upgrades for them and a much more effective defense system for your castle. Each floor of your castle may be equipped with a number of warriors. You can select from 120 warriors and upgrade them at your will. Your number of warriors is limited and that means that you will have to develop an efficient strategy and select your warriors attentively.

Grow Castle

If you want to progress faster and tighten your defenses, then you will have to build colonies and hire new workers in order to earn more gold. Among other features are the possibility of joining a guild, communicate and play together with players around the world. Graphics and controls are the highlights of this game, its addictiveness is guaranteed. Build a castle that will be able to withstand any kind of attacks!