Grow Empire: Rome 1.3.34

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Rome is a very big and successful city, but how did it get this big? There was a lot of work and effort put into its construction and further development. You have to take the role of Caesar and become the leader of the Empire. This is an entertaining RPG game mixed with elements of tower defense genre. Your goal is to command your troops and face other old European civilizations. You will have all kinds of weapons and tools for defending your home.

Grow Empire: Rome

Turn the little republic into a force to be reckoned with. As always, you will have the possibility for upgrading your tower and purchasing new useful items for enforcement of your army. You have the potential of becoming the strongest civilization on the continent and probably in the whole world. Your prize will be the eternal glory! Numerous armies are coming to claim your land and you are the only one who can stop them.

Grow Empire: Rome

Don’t lose any time and get right into the heart of the battle because your people await your decision. There will be more than a thousand waves of enemies coming at you coupled with more than a hundred cities that you will have to conquer eventually. Unlock all special skills and upgrade your stronghold. You have more than 30 types of warriors for defense and further exploration.