Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 1.08

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The story of Carl Johnson starts after he gets out of prison and returns home, a huge megalopolis that was drowning in street conflicts. This is the place where movie stars and other celebrities live hand in hand with various gangsters. The game is set in the early 90’s. Carl has to return to his family and friends, the only place he’s got left. His mother was murdered, his brother and sister are not talking to each other, and his childhood friends are getting in trouble on a daily basis. On his way home from the airport, Karl’s is pulled over by two crooked cops, and they try to pin a murder of a police officer on him.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In order to protect himself and the people who are close to him, Carl will have to take a trip through the entire state. Rockstar introduces one of its biggest hits on mobile platforms. You can travel around this massive open world represented by the San Andreas state, its main cities and small villages. The graphic design of the game was greatly updated. It features improved graphics exclusively for mobile gadgets: increased resolution, redesigned color palette, updated character models. You can take advantage of the support for synchronization of saved games through cloud services.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Bring some variety to your gameplay with two analog joysticks with which you can control both camera and motion. It features three different control options and customizable buttons. Enjoy the support for MoGa controllers. Everything here is made for your convenience and enjoyment. This familiar story will seem like a completely new adventure on your mobile device, even if you have played the desktop version before! For the best game performance you can restart your device after installing the game and switch off other applications before you start playing.