Haunted Tales - The Curse of Skullheart 1.0

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Your mission is to save Pepe from danger! The town and its inhabitants have been put under a horrifying curse and now it is up to you to bring Pepe to safety. Haunted Takes – The Curse of Skullheart is an action game, where you will have to battle your enemies and evade various obstacles that can be either various traps or deadly rays. You will have to think of smart strategies in order to defeat powerful bosses of each level and also the creator of all this madness that is happening in the city.

Haunted Tales – The Curse of Skullheart

The one, who is responsible for all this mayhem should be defeated once and for all! Try to follow the incredible pace of the action, you are in a constant duel with the time and you have to make everything that stands in your power to dodge impending danger in the course of 4 exciting levels. Your choice of characters isn’t limited only by Pepe.

Haunted Tales – The Curse of Skullheart

You can also choose to play as any of his 12 friends that include Marilo, Gaston, Guto and others. Prepare yourself for a non-stopping action and the crazy pace of the game. For the most successful outcome you will need more than your skills. Upgrade and buy new weapons and gather useful power ups in order to succeed here!