Hill Climb Racing 1.35.3

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More than 50 000 000 downloads is the clear evidence that the game is truly exciting and compelling. In fact, it could not be otherwise. Is there anyone, who would mind being a driver bounded by nothing, whether it be water or mud, high mountains or low gravity on other planets? The arcade game takes by storm with its liveliness and brilliance. In spite of game’s motion graphics, as you play Hill Climb Racing, you can feel that your drive turns out to be another adventure worth living. The game gives you complete control over huge car fleet comprising every single wheeled thing: motor scooters, sport cars, offroaders, police cars, monster trucks, minivans etc. For every type of vehicle, the publisher considered its own physics. That made the game even more exciting for each gamer: you can choose whatever you like more. Speed lovers can take a ride with the sport bike, and those, who adore power, will definitely choose massive offroader. The main goal in this game is to go as far as you can through the complicated track, and trivial though it might sound, escape with your life. Every pit and bump will impede your progress and it’s up to you to prove you are top gun to go through all the obstacles. As well as in real life, you have to keep an eye on fuel level. The good thing is you do not have to spend money on that, you will run across it on the road thus getting a chance to go further and come closer to your personal high score. Both real drivers and little kids will definitely be happy to download Hill Climb Racing, as this game does not have any age restrictions, which would be absolutely meaningless. You have an opportunity to upgrade your vehicles by setting in some new parts: engine, tires, transmission gear, shock absorbers. Every upgrade opens new possibilities of conquering the road; it will make you want to go further and never stop! Hill Climb Racing as well as many other games gives you an opportunity to buy coins for real money. Coins give you a chance to open new tracks and upgrade your vehicle. The long and the short of it, have a clear ride!

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