Hitman: Sniper

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Would you like to become a man whose purpose is to install fear into his enemies? You can become a cold-blooded hero, but only in the virtual world, of course. You take the role of Agent 47 and go on missions with your trusty sniper rifle. In case you are ready to go on missions, you should remember one thing – be smart.

Organizing a perfect crime is not always an easy task, but we’re pretty confident in your skills. As always, you should be a ghost, a shadow, an invisible assassin on a mission. Tactical missions are accompanied by survival mode, where you’ll have to hunt down zombies, and there’s going to be a lot of them!

Pick your own contracts and see what suits you the most.You will learn new tricks as you perform a staggering number of more than 150 missions. Your weapons can also be upgraded and as you progress through the game, additional powerful weapons will become available. Compete with top assassins by earning the most points.

Bragging about your achievements to friend later will be a special delight! Destroy your targets and have fun in this incredible game! Your shooting are sure to improve after you complete several missions in Hitman: Sniper.

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