Hungry Shark Evolution 5.3.0

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Can you remember all those movies that show savage sharks attacking humans, and in the end being murdered by those who had a narrow escape? Have you ever felt pity for an animal, wishing the outcome would be different? If the answer is yes, then Hungry Shark Evolution is created especially for you! This game plot is pretty simple, but at the same time it is quite unusual. The point is you will play for the angry shark, not for the human. Of course, the shark can satisfy its voracious hunger by small fish or birds above the water surface, but its absolute favorite dainties are people who swim and dive all over the place. Hungry Shark Evolution arcade game is a worthy successor of first edition, which was downloaded more than 10 000 000 times at Google Play. Your goal is to fatten up the shark from a small fish to the fierce ocean predator, for which biting through another sharks is as easy as pie. Vivid maps with various secret caves hiding precious treasures to enhance the shark will bring joy to every gamer and completely lure into the game! It is quite easy to upgrade the shark: simply chew everything you see. Except electric rays and poisonous fish, which are better to avoid. You can also meet other inhabitants of the bosom of the sea, with which you will measure strength. If you were not able to turn them into your daily meals at the first time, don’t worry. You can always have a bite of another surfer and go back to win your rival. You can control the shark via touchscreen, or simply tilt the screen creating fast and aggressive movements of predator. The game features coins, which allow the gamer to buy new skills for your shark. Not only those who love sharks, but also adrenaline buzz fans should download Hungry Shark Evolution. This game is genuinely extreme and gives rise to the hurricane of feelings! You can also relieve distress by playing this game when something irritates you: simply start another underwater journey to massively annihilate everyone who’s anyone. Being a good chance to get rid of any stress, this game will be a positive influence on your mind and body!