Hungry Shark Evolution

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Hungry Shark Evolution is the brand new installment in the series of Android games. This game features a very hungry shark and you are the one that has to find means to feed her. You play, in fact, for a tiger shark starting from a very young age. The shark is an extremely ferocious animal and it requires lots of food. The player has to search through the depths of the water in search of fish and other food, and eat until the shark feels full. The more you eat, the bigger you get!

The water world is immense and you have the possibility to move through it as you wish. In addition, it is filled with various marine and oceanic creatures, who also are eager to consume a shark! This game, however, has a goal and there are around 40 tasks created for the player to complete in order to score points. Bonuses offer the opportunity worth to search for the hidden treasure, as well as to achieve combo-eating, for which more points are granted.

We sure hope that your shark has a nice appetite! Hungry Shark Evolution features more than a dozen of unique sharks and other peculiar creatures of deep seas. The water world will become a real thing with outstanding 3D graphics and an amazing sound design. Find all those creatures and consume everything that stands in your way. Your shark is a real hunter, so be sure to use its predatory instincts to their full potential.

As strange as it sounds, but you collect all sorts of amazing accessories, like a jet pack or a laser that will help you on your missions. Participate in regular events and get limited prizes. You can play anywhere and anytime because there is no WI-FI network required. Compete with friends and set new highscores! The in-game currency will allow you to purchase all kinds of improvements and special accessories to make your game experience even more exciting.

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