Infinity Dungeon 2 1.0.4

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Infinity Dungeon 2 is a very colorful and artistic two-dimensional role-playing platform game executed in an arcade style. Your missions is to take under your wise control a whole team of heroes and set together with them on an exciting journey through the dark dungeons. By passing through levels your heroes will raise their stats and ranks. They will gradually develop new skills and abilities.

Infinity Dungeon 2

By going deeper into the dungeons you will meet countless amounts of enemies, and with each new level these enemies will become even more dangerous. In this game for Android, is implemented a very interesting system of controls. Your characters move and attack automatically, and your task consists in controlling their abilities, which are unique for each hero. This method of interaction helps you get more focused on the characters and their abilities.

Infinity Dungeon 2

You don’t have to get distracted by controlling their movements. Beautifully drawn graphics, original controls and a simple gameplay offer maximum satisfaction. Its arcade characteristics allow you to classify this RPG as one of the best time killers. Set on this beautiful adventure and defeat the forces of evil once and for all!