Jetpack Joyride 1.9.31

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Are you tired from routine activities? So did Barry Steakfries, ending up stealing the top-grade hightechnic jetpack from science lab. Now there two ways left for him: be a superhero or get fried! Game Features: Dynamic and infinite arcade-runner: leap through obstacles, outmaneuver deadly traps and use various arsenal of jetpacks, gadgets and vehicles; Progress through struggling but rewardable challenges and try to complete all of the 48 achievements. Can you fly over the millions of KM or find a way ain’t breaking a laboratory wall? Don’t let to ruin Barry’s dream by some puny scientists, send them to their own traps, burn and shoot them. Well, if you are a pacifist, you can actually just frighten them or made them attracted; Regular events, new content and built-in game modes for an infinite money and unlocked items. If you’re thinking that tapping on the phone screen to make your character flying is primitive, then you’ve probably need to ride a colossal robot snake or minigun, teleport through obstacles, get some robotic animals and do the final revenge, after you’ll get shot, fried, pierced and suddenly trapped. There is lots of ways to get joyed and infinite ride to challenge yourself, so download jetpack joyride, if you like runner games. In order to play effectively and learn all of the game content, we recommend for you to visit a JJ wikia, created by a players community. As for endless runner arcade, JJ have a rich plot and deep lore, merged from unspoken theories and visible details, found in game. The protagonist, named Barry Steakfries is meant to be an ordinary saleman, however, he possesses a superhuman strength to break through walls, he lives for at least century and find a time to present in the other games of halfbrick studios. Your antagonist are secret organization of scientists, obviously playing with unusual and ever forbidden disciplines (they have made a disastorous Colossathrone). Perceptional player will find many references to other halfbrick games and pop-culture products. Be cool or get fried! Good Luck, riders!

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