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Not so long ago on the shelves of the virtual app store Google Play there is an unusual game called KAVINSKY. It is unusual that it was connected to the release of the music album Outrun of the French electro-musician named Vincent Belorgey better known under his stage name Kavinsky. By the way, now Kavinsky wrote a soundtrack to one of the radio stations in Grand Theft Auto V and the movie Drive. The plot of the game is very simple. It is not necessary to take into account why and why we are fighting. The game is aimed both at fans of Kavinsky’s music, and to attract the interest of those who are not familiar with his works. The most interesting is that it works! You won’t be able to resist the charm of this unusual arcade for Android. The initial screen will be met by 3 menu items: level selection, settings and an offer to buy the album. The gaming process is divided into 3 types of levels. The first type is a classic old school beat’em up. The hero slowly walks the streets of Los Angeles and fights with everyone who gets in sight. Controls are carried out by means of a virtual stick and 2 buttons responsible for blows by hands or feet. The second type of levels is beat’em up in augmented reality. To begin with, the player must point the camera of the smartphone or tablet to any surface. The third type is racing levels. The car can be controlled by an accelerometer or buttons, depending on the player’s preferences.