KISS Rock City 1.1.3

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Have you ever dreamt of becoming a genuine rock star? If your answer is “Yes” then KISS Rock City is definitely a game made for you. Here you are given the opportunity of a lifetime to meet member of KISS, who will help you on your way to assembling the next best rock band. You will be engaged in a story dealing with the creation of your band in addition to singing along KISS tunes and listening to some interesting stories about them.

KISS Rock City

KISS Rock City features band’s original songs for a really epic adventure experience. Enjoy the well realized graphics which transfer the player to dirty bars and luxurious apartments and hotels, those are wonderfully animated. You are the one who’s going to decide about the style of your band. When it comes to clothing, you’ll have to make up your mind whether the band members will be wearing leather jackets or J-Pop oriented clothing.

KISS Rock City

Get the most points by showing your skills in this rhythmic game. Level up and unlock new exciting and useful items! Make sure to act friendly towards your fellow band members, keep them happy and the success will come. Try out different things and everything will align just the way you wanted.