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Last Day Alive is an ultimate action-shooter that is going to impress with its incredible graphics and gameplay. You are set against deadly zombies and you are allowed to use everything that you have to keep them away. Your arsenal consists of grenades, shotguns, rifles among other things.

These will help you and the last survivors stay alive. Danger awaits you at every corner. Enemy bases need to be conquered if you want to replenish your own supplies. Multiplayer tournaments exist for top players and here is where you can shine.

You can either play against other players or join forces and battle your common enemy together with new allies. Zombies will be coming at you with everything they got and it is up to you to create a real wall of protection with the help of the immense firepower. These scary creatures aren’t the only thing you should be afraid of because in the multiplayer mode you will be set against other real players and this is where it might get really intense.

Remember, there are many types of zombies and they each have different sets of skills. Other factions may be looking at ways to overtake your camp, so be ready to defend it at any time. Don’t relax for too long, or someone may be coming after you!

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