Last Day on Earth 1.8.5

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What would you do if the zombie threat proved to be real? We’re pretty sure that you would be the first one to take a gun and take the walking dead down. Last Day on Earth is a free multiplayer zombie shooter that demands you to stay alive as long as possible. Your only goal is to kill zombies, what can be easier? You can’t act friendly anymore, there’s simply no time for compassion.

Last Day on Earth

The world is now a post apocalyptic war zone and you can count only on yourself. You’re all alone against other players and the army zombies in this action packed walking dead strategy and RPG shooter. Kill or else your hero will be killed, survive as long as you can, we promise – this will be fun. You can try a lot of things in order to survive as long as possible and become stronger at the same time. Form alliances and play together with your friends, this will give you higher odds for survival.

Last Day on Earth

It’s time to craft your own weapons that will help you on your journey. Improve your strategy and crafting skills to play more effectively against the enemies. Zombies will be waiting for you everywhere so it will be a wise decision to use the chat and communicate with other clans and destroy zombies together. Use military strategic solutions and you will survive, we’re pretty sure about that.