League of Angels - Paradise Land

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Are you ready for a truly unique take on RPG games? Then League of Angels is the game for you. Prepare to become a real warrior in this fantasy RPG that sets you against a world where you have to prevent the end of it. New characters are awaiting you and the 3D graphics will show you what they are capable of. This award winning game was created by people who worked on GTA 5 and you can be sure that every aspect of it is brought to perfection.

League of Angels – Paradise Land

The story surrounds a mystic object called “Omega” which possesses a lot of power and is able to change the course of time and put a stop to the end of the world. LoA features stunning graphics and you will be surprised by the level of detail and landscape design. A lot of attention was offered to action and fighting in particular. The fighting moves will surprise you and the smooth animation will only add to the overall experience.

League of Angels – Paradise Land

You definitely can’t say that the characters feel flat here because each of them has a really well written backstory and personality. Put together a team of the most powerful warriors and battle the forces of evil. Don’t forget that you can upgrade your characters and their skills. Build a winning strategy for your characters and join a Guild to fight together for a common goal.