Mad Skills BMX 2 1.0.5

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Download Mad Skills BMX 2 for free

Check out the new installment of Mad Skills BMX. It has twice as much of your beloved cool stuff! The first game has proven to be extremely popular not only among fans of extreme sports series but also by casual users. Everybody wants to see just how good their skills are, when we’re talking about reaching to the finish of the track and doing it with style. Sometimes this takes a lot of skills and other times it even takes some extra mental effort.

Mad Skills BMX 2

Enjoy the amazingly realistic game physics which allow you to do all kinds of amazing tricks. The arcade aspect of the game will help you cross the line between reality and incredible things that are hard to imagine in real life. You have a decent selection of motorcycles to choose from and you will unlock new machines as you go along. The player is able to customize the bake and the main hero which allows for a more complex experience.

Mad Skills BMX 2

Try the new tracks that will impress you with their level of detail, and remember that the game is constantly updated with new ones. Participate in various events and get gems. Invite your friends and share your results. Beat your opponents and challenge new competitors! Enjoy this crazy awesome ride!