Magic 2015 1.4.4959

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Collect a whole deck of powerful heroes, and skillfully use their unique abilities in Magic 2015 for Android. Fight the monsters and other real players in a special arena. In this game you will try on the role of Garukka – the most famous hunter of the multiverse. You will have a long and fascinating journey between the worlds. Players will need to carry out various missions and destroy a huge number of opponents. However, to begin with, it is worth the training, which will have to spend some time. It is a pretty difficult game, with numerous nuances where you cannot figure out in five minutes. Moreover, some information cannot even be remembered from the first time. The whole gameplay is divided into several separate phases. In the process of each of them, you have to lay out cards on the table, attack rivals and defend your hero from enemy attacks. The game consists of many different decks. At your service there are various elements that are radically different from each other. Try to get as many strong creatures as they can boast of a powerful attack and a large health reserve.