Magikarp 1.3.3

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Pokemon Magikarp Jump has been recently released on Android tablets and phones. Magikarp is not like other Pokémon games – he has only one superpower and cannot withstand other monsters in combat. However, this generally useless fish mutates into the giant sea monster Gyarados that is much more powerful. Users have to raise a collection and train Pokemon Magikarp of different types, colors, and degrees of rarity. In the game, you will see other types of Pokemons. Usually, Pokemons fight with each other in battle. Magikarp can’t fight anyone, especially on land. However, according to legend, he jumps very well on his side, as fish on land rolls in an attempt to reach the water. You can feed them and decorate the pond with various items that you need to buy for coins. Also, you can train your Pokémon, increasing their skills. This is useful for winning competitions. During performances at the competitions, you do not need anything. Your Pokemon either jumps above the same Pokemon – or not.