Major Gun: war on terror 4.0.8

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Download Major Gun: war on terror for free

Terrorists, maniacs and other psychopaths are the plague of the modern world. Your task is simple and it demands you to shoot stab and tear your enemies apart in any imaginable way. Major Gun: war on terror doesn’t take any prisoners! You are equipped with an incredible arsenal consisting of machine guns, shotguns, grenades, sniper rifles and other deadly weapons. You have to move quickly, because otherwise the terrorists will take control of the ports, subway stations or oil rigs.

Major Gun: war on terror

You are the only solution for this madness. It’s time to move out and do something about it! Download this incredible arcade shooter and restore the world order! Choose the weapon that suits your tastes the best and improve it to achieve greater results during various missions. Check your shooting skills with different opponents in different environments. Your main goal is to save the hostages and eliminate the terrorist threat.

Major Gun: war on terror

Enjoy the amazing graphics and the style of every location. Unlock new locations with unique features by defeating the boss on the previous map. Take part in special operations, get through sniping missions to survive, seek and destroy dangerous enemies. Aim, shoot, change your position, rescue your comrades, deactivate bombs, test new types of assault rifles and much more!