Mighty Runner 4.9

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What can be more fun than running? Join the Mighty Runner game to exercise together and have time running and jumping in a virtual world that is great both for kids and adults! This active game experience is one of the kind and it will completely turn your expectations 180 degrees. Go beyond your limits together with Mighty Runner! You will experience 3 different words, each with its unique features.

Mighty Runner

Unlock special items by completing missions and upgrade your avatar with various accessories that you can buy with in-game currency. The fitness tracker will help monitor your activity and set daily goals. It is a very useful thing for your whole family. As we have mentioned before, there are 3 different words and each of them is filled with unique adventures and achievements. Track and Field will serve as an intense playground where you will have to go through various trials, such as long jumps, weight lifting, sprints and other competitions.

Mighty Runner

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