Minecraft: Story Mode 1.37

download Minecraft: Story Mode 1.37 for free

Minecraft: Story Mode for Android is an entertaining adventure game based on the concept of Minecraft. The game stands for the opening episode of their series of five latest adventures. You, as the player are given the opportunity to customize your character. The player can select the sex of the character, skin tone, clothing items and with all that embark on a distant journey. You and your companions are very privileged by the celebrated Order of the Stone, which in inexplicable series of circumstances gets in the hands of the antagonists.

And now it is up to you to take it back and defeat the wrongdoers. Take notice that everything you do here will have future consequences. All your actions and interactions will influence your story! You will follow the adventures of Jesse and together with him set on a hazardous journey through Paradise and other places. You, together with your companions are a part of the well-known Order of the Stone.

You have powerful characters on your team, so there’s no need to worry about any obstacles. While you are located in EnderCon, in hopes of getting to know the Warrior Gabriel, you and your friends will notice that something is wrong. Something completely terrible has happened. Terror was let loose, and you must travel and look for the Order of the Stone, otherwise you won’t save the world from peril. This game offers great story beats and fun interactions with many characters.

Make friends and simply enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the game. Its graphic design and sound design are equally incredible. It received much praise upon its release thanks to the well-thought gameplay and overall quality of the content. You will create your own story through decisions that you make. This adventure will show you just how well you can interact with other characters to achieve the goals.

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