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Minecraft is an extremely popular sandbox game made in a cute pixel style where players can build whole worlds using the colorful cubes. This game is particularly popular among kids who want to realize their creative ideas via this virtual constructor and sandbox. Also, Minecraft has a funny single player campaign. The great news — Android users can enjoy playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition (PE) on tablets and smartphones.

What is so special about Minecraft PE on Android?

This game has over 4 million copies sold only on PC, and has begun to successfully conquer other gaming platforms, including Android. At the moment, it is quite difficult to find a modern gaming device that does not have a special version of Minecraft.

Unlike most mobile games that serve mostly as time-killers, Minecraft can offer a huge cubic world for exploration. The blocks are made of different materials: wood, sand, stone, lava and water.

Each player can change this virtual world like he or she wants. All blocks can be used in their original or alternated form. Also, players may discover new tools and materials for crafting buildings. Of course, the player is not alone in this world. There are animals that can be eaten, as well as various monsters that can devour players.

Gameplay of Minecraft: Pocket Edition

In the main menu you can select the gaming mode. There are two main game modes: Creative and Survival. When playing Creative mode a gamer can practice his or her construction skills, there is no danger. Survival mode offers more challenges because a player have to survive in the world full of dangers. In addition, Minecraft PE can support the multiplayer mode via the Internet.

No matter what mode you chose, your main task is to build the world around you. Players can construct buildings, get resources to advance the construction and craft of weapons, while exploring the open landscapes and defending from monsters. The Survival mode is not recommended for newcomers. On the other side, it’s perfect for players who can quickly adapt to the most unexpected living conditions prepared by Minecraft developers.

The game does not have any plot or cut scenes. Even little kids can play Minecraft: PE on Android because controls are very simple.

Now you can play the famous Minecraft not only on a PC, but also on an Android-compatible tablet or smartphone. Many people compare this game with LEGO, but there are so much more possibilities in Minecraft. The best game choice for occupying your creative kid.

You can free download Minecraft PE Beta apk for android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.

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