Minecraft PE

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Download Minecraft PE for free

Minecraft Pocket Edition is almost no different from the PC version. This way the fans of the game will find in the mobile version a lot of familiar details. Minecraft is a game that amazes with its retro style. There are no difficult things happening in this word, everything is quite simple and casual. Minecraft PE for Android is the game in which graphics and other technical features are not as important as the gaming process. After all, it opens up a lot of interesting opportunities for players and they will not leave anyone indifferent to its story. This is a game where users have to create their own world with the help of various blocks. It’s not as easy as it seems because all these simple elements create unexpected difficulties that the player has to solve and this makes the game even more intriguing. In the process of creating your own world are participating various types of blocks that perform different functions and possess unique properties.

Minecraft PE

By using these blocks, you can build everything your soul desires, including: castles and palaces, roads and bridges, and even golf stadiums. The game features a nice sound design. There is no familiar music, but the sounds of steps and all movements are very clear. The player can move around and interact with the world via a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen. To control the view, you just need to move your finger across the screen. In order to place the block in Minecraft, you need to select it in the menu that is located at the bottom of the screen and click on the place where you want to place the block. It’s also very easy to break these blocks. In order to do this, just point your finger on the block you want to break. This is where a round indicator will appear. The rate of failure depends on the strength of the selected block. The game features a multiplayer mode.

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