Minecraft PE Beta

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Download Minecraft PE for free

Pocket Edition was launched specially for Xperia PLAY service on August 16, 2011. Mojang is the studio behind Minecraft games and it is a first-party developer of games for Microsoft Studios. The app is known for introducing the Bedrock Engine that soon aired to other platforms.

Minecraft for Android

Minecraft Pocket Edition doesn’t seem to be different in any way from the PC version. Thanks to this fact, its fans will find in the mobile version a lot of familiar details and story beats. Minecraft is striking with its unique and highly-recognizable retro style. Everything that happens in this world is extremely simple and casual.

Minecraft Apk

Minecraft is a game in which graphics and other technical features are not as important as the game process itself. After all, it opens up a lot of interesting opportunities for users, which will be able to keep the level of interest high during the whole process. In this app, the user may autonomously build his own computer generated world with the help of various blocks. Minecraft is not as easy as it sounds. You are just given a set of simple building blocks which have to be used wisely and make the process even more intriguing. With the help of PocketInvEditor, Block Launcher and PocketTool experienced players can edit the contents of the inventory, spawn mobs, activate the mods and do much more. These additional apps are only available for Android.

Minecraft Universe

In creating your own universe, you can use various types of blocks that perform unique functions and are different in their properties. Using the blocks, you can build everything your soul desires, including: fortresses and castles, transportation systems and bridges, and even big event stadiums.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

The game has a very specific sound design: You won’t be able to hear any familiar music, but the sounds of steps and all movements are very well executed. You can manage the game by using the virtual joystick on the left side of the screen. To control the view, you just need to slide your finger across the screen. In order to place the block in Minecraft, you need to select it in the menu that is located at the bottom of the screen, and click on the place where you want to leave the block. It’s also very easy to break blocks. In order to do this, just hold your finger on the block that you wish to destroy. At this point, a round indicator appears. The rate of failure depends on the strength of the selected block. The game has a multiplayer system that becomes available with a Wi-Fi connection.

You can free download Minecraft PE Beta Apk for Android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.