Monument Valley 2.5.18

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The second installment follows the success of the award-winning Monument Valley game. Go on this beautiful journey together with mother and her child through the world of magical architecture, where you will discover new illusory ways, will solve various puzzles and comprehend the secrets of geometric structures. Monument Valley 2 is a completely new adventure that’s set in the beautiful world of the impossible.

Monument Valley 2

Help Ro teach her daughter all the secrets and mysteries of the valley, exploring stunning levels and finding their way around architectural objects which lead them to the achievement of their final goal. You don’t have to play the first game in order to follow the events of the second installment, because this is a completely new story. This is a brand new experience, where you will have to solve interesting and unique puzzles and interact with characters in many ways.

Monument Valley 2

Enjoy the stunning geometric designs and the artistic vision combined with modern graphics and different architectural styles. The amazing graphic design is coupled with immersive sounds that intertwine perfectly with the game’s narrative elements and complement the adventures of Ro and her daughter in the best possible way.