Mortal Kombat X 1.17.0

download Mortal Kombat X 1.17.0 for free

Hey! There is the most renowned and brutal mobile fighting game. Don’t miss the legendary Mortal Kombat, here you will meet the most complete character tree from Armageddon and of course, fatalities. The new tournament amends, warriors from three realms is gathering for Mortal Kombat. Winner will fulfill his wishes and probably become the most powerful being in known game universe. Fighting isn’t the most popular mobile genre, but devs from WB create an amazingly beautiful adaptation of real Mortal Kombat X, presented on consols and computers. Here we have a working online battles mechanics, factions, fatalities, different character skills and lot of other stuff. Combine your skill with perfect timing hit strategy and defeat even the toughest opponents, which pay real money for strong characters and the most cheaterful NPC in challenges. Fighters aren’t equal (unlike in balanced classic series). All playable characters are divided to four grades. Each of them is superior among others: Bronze tier is presented by a no name faction fighters, as shirai ryu assasins or special forces troopers. They are cheap, available from the start and quite useless; Silver tier is main heroes of mobile MKX, mostly it is the best fighters, which you can buy for free coins, aka Koins. Gold tier is uncommon premium warriors, here you can meet classic heroes with different skins and bonus characters as cyborgs, promo guests (as Quan Chi) et cetera. Diamond tier. Exclusive characters, which can be obtained only by buying an elite pack. Slightly overpowered and strongest characters in game. Not for mere mortals, obviously. Game Features: Mobile version of legendary fighting series; More than 140+ playable characters; Grand Shao Kahn Tower (100 battles); Join the factions, fight and get bonuses; Meet the deadliest warriors of Earth, Outworld and Nethterrealm; 3 v 3 character combats; RPG elements, improve your brawler team; Juicy X-Rays and Fatalities;