Mortal Kombat 2.2.0

Down, left, down, right, B. Many gamers still remember this combo from Mortal Kombat games released back in 1990s. After almost 30 years Mortal Kombat still remains the best fighting franchise on all platforms, including Android. Recently fans got an excellent chance to test their skills in an adapted version of Mortal Kombat X on Android. Yes, this awesome fighting game is available on any smartphone or tablet with Android OS 7+.

How to play Mortal Kombat X on Android?

Each fight in the mobile version of MK X takes place in the format of 3 vs 3. Each player has three fighters that can be replaced during the battle. When the fighter is not used, it slowly replenishes the health and energy necessary for powerful strikes. For getting a victory a player receives souls, golden and silver coins. You can buy outfits for heroes, decks with new cards and individual fighters for these coins.

MK X is a free-to-play game, so you can buy all in-game currency for real money. However, it’s quite possible to get money without spending real dollars. You just need to win more often than lose.

The combat system is very exciting so you won’t get bored when playing Mortal Kombat X. All blows are done the same way — by clicking on the screen. To make a block, you need to press buttons with 2 fingers. By giving and missing hits, your fighter will accumulate energy. After reaching the certain level you’ll be able to make powerful attacks.

When the storyline is finished and all bosses are defeated, the game offers players to take part in fractional battles. Players choose the side of the conflict and start an endless battle. Each victory brings the special fractional currency you may spend in an interesting way. It opens access to a special shop with the rarest and most powerful fighters.

All heroes in the game have their own level of rarity. At the start, there are a lot of ordinary fighters available. To get the fighters of the original series, you need to purchase special cards in which the legendary Sub-Zero and Scorpion may accidentally appear.

There are 3 fighting modes in MK X. The standard mode is free combat and storyline. In Faction Wars you can create teams and fight real players. The Raiden Challenge is the most challenging test with the coolest rewards.

The Mortal Kombat series has always been known for bloodthirsty fatalities. Fighters furiously tortured their victims, taking their brains out and breaking the body into two parts. In the mobile version, you can also perform such vicious moves. But, you have to work hard for getting this fatality done.

Mortal Kombat X is a great fighting game on Android. You won’t find another game that is satisfying enough to hit bad guys over and over again.

You can free download Mortal Kombat 2.2.0 apk for android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.

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