Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 1.1.3

Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 (MMM2) is another game in the Motorsport Manager franchise on Android. The game offers improved physics and excellent graphics.

What to do MMM2?

Gamers from all over the world will have to test themselves as a manager of a motorsport racing team and lead them to victory from the very start. Players need to gather their own team of racers — unknown guys who dream of getting into a great sport and are ready for much to accomplish their goal.

Buy them the best equipment, personally monitor the operation of racing cars and hire only the best coaching staff. Also, do not forget to sign contracts with promising guys who may become the rising stars of motorsport racing. Move only forward, achieve every set goal and help young professionals to earn money in motorsport racing.

Gameplay features:

  • Simple controls;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Excellent time-killer;

The developers took into account literally everything — from the tuning of cars to finding sponsors who will pay for car repairs. The result of their work is stunning and really impressing. The main game lack is absent complete control over the car while it’s on track, but this would make the game a totally different genre.

Your budget for managing the team and garage at the very beginning of the game will be very scarce. Competitors will step on your heels all way long. You’ll have to find a balance between speed, management and other specifications in order to climb to the top of the motorsport’s pedestal.

MMM 2 is the long anticipated sequel of the motor racing game franchise for mobile devices. This is the best racing team simulator for Android. If you are into this gaming genre, don’t miss this amazing game about motorsport.

Bear in mind the events are constantly evolving. The team is progressing by going to the most prestigious championships. Racers improve their skills and eventually grow old, end sports careers and you need to find replacements beforehand. You’ll be in the middle of discussion of contracts with staff and drivers all the time during the game.

MMM 2 for Android is a high-quality and original game where you manage a whole team of motorsport racers. The main task is to become a full-fledged manager and bring your team to success.

You can free download Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 1.1.3 apk for android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.

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