Mystic Diary 3 1.0.35

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There were two brothers in the world of Mystic Diary 3 on Android. Both brothers were fond of the supernatural cases. In one case, they did not go bad, but the second, despite all his experiments, could not reach success equal to his brother in the art of magic. His lone brother lived alone, set up experiments and looked for ways to open a window to another world. Once an ancient diary came into his hands, containing practical guidance on how to do it. The brother found a way to realize all his ambitions, but only to those around him, such ambitiousness came out sideways, he inadvertently released from the other world gloomy creatures that quickly caught up with fear the neighboring town and residents were evacuated, and what happened to the unlucky magician is a big question. Now you have to play for your second brother to look for a way to fix the situation. The game belongs to the modern quest, but there are a number of differences from the typical objects in it. To begin with, you choose a level of difficulty, everything here, as usual, depends on it the speed of reloading cards and the highlighting of active zones in locations.