Neon Wings 1.0

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Get ready to experience speed and excitement together with Neon Wings. This addictive game won’t go easy on you, so be sure to give it all you got! You play as a pilot and your mission is to survive in war of space proportions as long as it is possible. Challenge your friends for the highest scores and collect white stars to reach your goals. Various power-ups will lend you their unique enhancements, but these are only temporary.

Neon Wings

You will have to gather gems in order to buy new ships that will get you even farther into space. Your main goal is to dodge everything that comes in your way, including alien ships and other different obstacles. Neon Wings fuses a well-known formula of classic shoot’em’up style with a modern take. Try to survive as much as you can while your enemies come at you with everything they have. It won’t be easy, because the background is changing colors all the time, making it difficult to spot your enemy.

Neon Wings

Boost your abilities with a number of different power-ups and gather gems to unlock new spaceships. The 8bit graphics will remind you of the era when this type of games were at the peak of the gaming industry. Enjoy the soundtrack and incredible atmosphere of this fast paced arcade entry!