Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite

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Would you like to see what the launcher of future will look like? If you are tired of your standard launcher or the ones that you have found on the internet don’t offer any diversity then you are welcome to try Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite. This new launcher has gained a lot of popularity thanks to its unique look and cool features. Customize and adjust various 3D effects for your starting screen.

Your app shortcuts will never look the same way! The 3D animation is very smooth and you won’t be able to notice any lags, because it is perfectly optimized for most mobile devices. Enhance the look of your phone! Now scrolling through the apps will become really entertaining. Scrolling the pages of your start screen is an absolute delight and will surely impress everybody around you. Turn your phone into a modern work of art! What’s even better is that you can select the most convenient 3D effects for you.

There are a lot to choose from! You can create a unique style for the icons and change their size, angle and the shortcut itself. Pick your favorite elements and combine them to create the best thematic solution. The new widgets will look absolutely incredible! Rotating and jumping shortcuts is a sight to be seen. This launcher makes you interact with every element on your screen!

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