Opera beta 45.0.2246.124429

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Download Opera beta for free

If you would like to experience a really powerful browser with a lot of useful options, then we suggest you take a closer look at Opera beta. It is a new browser that is constantly adding new interesting things to its set of tools. You can test this application yourself and leave your feedback that will prompt its creators to adjust its functions and make it even more user-friendly.

Opera beta

You have the chance of participating in the program of creation and evolution of this application. Any new suggestions are welcomed. Get a hold of beta version of this browser and experience the newest features. This powerful application is still in the development process and every user is able to make it better and add something unique to its set of features. This browser is designed for those who treasure time and desire a fast experience. It loads much faster thanks to its minimalist interface and it is really easy to use it and navigate through web pages.

Opera beta

Other features of this beta version browser include tabbed browsing, a download manager, and the possibility to download web pages with regards to offline browsing. A recent feature that has been added to this browser is Opera Sync. It allows you to synchronize bookmarks from your desktop Opera browser to your Android.