FIFA 14 v.1.3.6

Football is one of the most spectacular sports. Matches give fans a whole range of experiences. The only thing that real football fans lack is the opportunity to participate in matches themselves. For more than twenty years, EA Games gives real fans of football opportunity to try themselves as a team managers. Thanks to the FIFA series, you can lead not just a famous club, but the team of your dreams. And now is high time to transfer this unique game to the screens of mobile devices. Continue reading FIFA 14 v.1.3.6

Drive Ahead! 1.48

Drive Ahead! is a savage battle on gladiatorial cars. Smash the enemy to smithereens. You have a whole set of wheelbarrows, from monsters-truck to alien UFOs for this! You completely immerse yourself in the game, smashing the helmets of opponents on hundreds of clunkers on hundreds of levels. These levels are filled with nightmarish crash, critters and mechanisms! Continue reading Drive Ahead! 1.48

Earn To Die 1.0.29

Are you ready to drive the car as if your life depends on it? Lay your way through the crowd of zombies! Earn to Die is an unconditional hit among mobile games, which was downloaded over 200 million times. You are stuck in the desert, surrounded by zombies. A seedy car and a small amount of cash is all that is at your disposal. Your mission in the game is Earn to Die – drive through the hordes of zombies to … stay alive! Continue reading Earn To Die 1.0.29

Vector Full 1.2.0

In a heartless computer world, happiness can not be found. The protagonist of the exciting game Vector Full was an ordinary office worker. But one day he couldn’t bear the fact that every step he took was controlled. The fury prompted the main character to jump out of the skyscraper window in the middle of the working day. This desperate act became the beginning of a new life. Continue reading Vector Full 1.2.0

The Sims 3 v.1.5.21

The Sims 3 now has more freedom and creativity in simulation real life! Start to play this famous game on your mobile phone! Here it is possible to create an unique Sims and control their lives, dreams and personalities. Home decoration depends only on your personal wishes and needs. You can choose even smallest details and accessories in design. Continue reading The Sims 3 v.1.5.21

The Simpsons Tapped Out 4.25.6

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a part of The Simpsons world? The most successful animated series introduced us to many charming and slightly foolish characters. Now everyone can visit them Springfield. And not as an ordinary cartoon character, but as the Almighty Index Finger. You can create a new city from scratch, manage the fate of its inhabitants and make friends with one of them. Continue reading The Simpsons Tapped Out 4.25.6

Geometry Dash Lite 2.11

Geometry Dash brings us back to the era of the first mobile games. The games of that period had simple graphics and an understandable plot, but it was the main secret of their success. Highly addictive Geometry Dash is the product of Robot Top Games. These developers perfectly know how to create exciting games for smart phones and tablets. The have been making global hits time after time. Continue reading Geometry Dash Lite 2.11