Pixel Gun 3D 12.5.2

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Fight online together with a big number of players around the globe! The player possesses the ability to generate his own unique online shooting character with the built-in skins editor and go out with this hero in the combat zone! The multiplayer mode features a nice variety of weapons, ranging from the Magic Wand to Combat Rifle M16 and to the Tesla Generator. The built-in chat makes it possible to communicate with your pals and allies during the game. This will really assist your progress in the best way imaginable. The player has several shooting online modes available. The main protagonist found himself in a truly terrible situation.

Pixel Gun 3D

One night a group of terrifying zombies arrived to attack his farm! Later, he finds out that zombies roam not only on his porch, they are all over the place! Will he be able to find out the explanation for this Judgment Day? Remain with the game until the very end and unravel the true mystery of this 3D world! A separate game mode will allow you to test your survival abilities. Are you able to go all the way? How many attacking hordes of monsters are you able to overcome? The survival mode lets you experience unusual combinations of various types of monsters, awards for the passing of each wave, and with each wave there will be even more monsters coming to get you!

Pixel Gun 3D

Achieve the highest results and compare them with the achievements of your friends! If you are pals with anybody in the game and want to add him to your friend list, then all you need to do is click on the player’s name and send a friend request via the “Add to Friends” button! After going through all this, you can communicate and play together and monitor the achievements of friends in the leaderboard. In addition, you can create your own clan, consisting of your friends and other players you consider worthy of joining.