Plague Inc. 1.15.0

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Humans are corrupting our planet for a long time, time to bring them a harsh and furious justice. Wipe them out with deadly diseases or turn them into your slaves in that hardcore pandemic simulator. Game Features: Develop 12 different types of plagues, every one of them has their own unique abilities and special spreading patterns. Plan you strategy carefully and play keen, there is only way to win this game. Last update included. Become an ancient vampire to bring the shadow plague upon heads of weakling humans, create an army of thralls or charge in suicidal crusade and take them to grave along with you. Many uncommon scenarios, turn Homo sapiens into degraded troglodites, take over the famous “black death” and breach the defenses of the world, which really cares about health. Became an apocalyptical bio-terrorist, who will infect the whole humanity and bring it to its end. This game is pandemic strategy simulator. Your target is to finish off the human civilization, most of diseases will simply kill all of its victims, but some of them can control their mind. However, you can play a unique scenarios, as a simian flu, where you can spare a humanity and bring peace between them and sentinent primates. Gameplay consist of smart choosing of symptoms and abilities, as long as using them at right moment. Most of the game parties divided into two phases: infecting every last human and starting to develop a lethal symptoms. Actually, game is more deeper than this, at high difficulty levels you need to plan fast, maneuver, decline the symptoms and start to revealing earlier. Humans, though there are doomed, wont calmly sit and wait for travelling to other side, so you will get used to defeats and restarts. Not every player has a time and patience to open EVERY dna-uprade and all plagues, even seasoned veterans need to play really hard to open all in-game content, so you can download Plague Inc. There is mod, which opens all unlockable features at start, so you can free play for fun and use the most efficient combinations to try a hardest brutal difficulty levels.

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