Plague Inc. 1.15.3

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Are you able to infect the whole world? Plague Inc. is an exceptional blend of strategic elements and incredibly realistic simulator. Your virus has just contaminated the first person on Earth. Now your task is to destroy all of humanity by developing a deadly disease and spreading it around the world. In doing so, you will have to overcome everything that humanity will do for its own protection. Perfectly executed, with a new gameplay and designed specifically for touch screen devices, this game develops the genre of strategies and raises the genre to a whole new level. You are battling against the whole world and the strongest will survive!

Plague Inc.

This is one of the best-selling games with hundreds millions of downloads. It is a major hit that has received high praise from many authoritative publications and magazines. The game features great graphics in high resolution and a smart interface that’s easy to navigate through. This is a complex world where hyper-realism is the predominant component, as well as an extremely advanced AI. Players get to have the best experience thanks to the help center of the game and the ability to undergo basic training. There’s not just one type of disease but at least ten more! You can save your game progress whenever you want and load your saved games later.

Plague Inc.

Lots of countries to infect and hundreds of characteristics of the virus are available for development. You have at least a thousand of global events that you need to adequately respond to. Play to achieve the highest score and share the leaderboard to your friends. They will be impressed with your achievements. Additional content includes the Neurax worm, which specializes in brain control, as well as the virus that will turn people into zombies. Behold realistic scenarios and various entertaining cut-scenes.