Pokemon GO 0.105.0

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Download Pokemon GO for free

Pokemon GO lets you catch ‘em all! It is time to look for pokemons, like Charizard, Blastoise and Pikachu on our own planet. The modern technology lets you become a part of this fantastic world, or rather it brings this wonderful world into reality! Join one of the three teams and lead a confrontation between the catchers for the right to own the best Pokemon. The game works in the following way, when you are somewhere in town you should have your phone turned on with the application running all the time and it will eventually inform you that Pokemon are not far away. Take the target on the fly and throw the ball into it.

Pokemon GO

Do not hesitate otherwise it can disappear quickly. Help your pet to evolve and increase its abilities. Download Pokemon GO on Android and it will definitely be to the liking of all fans of Pokemon. This is a game in which you can catch a Pokemon in real life using a smartphone. Explore the streets of your city in search of Pokemon and PokeStop – locations where you can get additional items. Found Pokemon can be caught with a simple swap gesture by running a pokeball into it.

Pokemon GO

After reaching level 5, which can be achieved with Pokemon fishing and collecting items, the player opens the PokeGym training halls. In them you can train your Pokemon and arrange fights between these beasts. The Pokemon, who will defeat everyone in PokeGym, will head this training hall and paint it in the colors of the player’s team. By the way, in Pokemon GO you can play for one of three teams: blue, red and yellow. Each Pokemon can be upgraded through an evolution process. There is big demand for this game, but you can consider yourself lucky, as you can download Pokemon and play it right now. The game supports a variety of languages.

You can free download Pokemon GO 0.105.0 Apk for Android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.