Pokemon GO 0.81.1

download Pokemon GO 0.81.1 for free

Your favorite cartoon characters came to life and you can find them on the streets of your city! Legendary saga about pocket monsters and people who train them continues — and now you can be part of it. Pocket monsters or simply pokemons live near us. Those wonderful creatures can be seen in city parks, near pound or on the streets. But not everyone is able to notice, let alone to catch a pokemon. In order to do that you need to download Pokemon GO 0.81.1. It is a fascinating game for Android and iOS in which players can collect pokemons, train them and become Pokemon masters. After downloading Pokemon Go to smart phone or tablet a player starts searching for pokemons to train. Those creatures can be found at PokeStops. Any cafe, restaurant, library or square can become a place of dwelling of pokemons. In order to find the most popular PokeStops players go outside and explore their cities. While doing that one should from time to time take a glimpse at the screen of his gadget. Patience will be rewarded soon enough. When a pokemon appears on the screen players can catch this creature. It can be done by throwing pokeball (a catch for pocket monsters) at a cute monster. If a player aims well, pokemon will end up in player’s Pokedex — an electronic catalogue of Pokemons. What’s next? Wild pokemons can be trained and upgraded. In the process players use bounces, won or found at PokeStops. When pokemons will be ready players can arrange battles to find out who is the most skillful Pokemaster. Tips for beginners: Visit as many interesting places as you can: museums, restaurants, libraries, stores; While outside stay alert: look at the screen of your phone because a pokemon can appear any moment; Stay focused: when a pokemon appears you will have only a few seconds to catch him. If you weren’t successful the first time, throw pokeball one more time while you can; Search for certain pokemons in their places of dwelling: water pokemons like rivers, lakes and pounds, grass pokemons can be found in parks and football fields.