Pou 1.4.73

download Pou 1.4.73 for free

Pou – is a game that was designed for children and adolescents and does not belong to any particular genre in this entirety. There are many languages for this game, also Russian, which significantly increases the Russian-speaking segment of Android-device users who play in this application in this version. At it is core, Pou 1.4. 73 is an advanced modern version of Tamagotchi or My Talking Tom. You need to maintain life and in every possible way to entertain (and at the same time entertain yourself) a certain being – Pou. The game clearly stands out among competitors in this segment due to the uniqueness of its character, the originality of the interface design in the application itself, as well as some plot creative ideas of the developers. Download Pou 1.4. 73 is absolutely free in the Play Market. In addition, the game does not require a constant connection to the Internet (periodically needed only for updates, which often relate to the modernization of the graphical interface), which allows you to enjoy it anywhere in the world and, even in the most out-of-the-way outback. Among the main activities that you have to perform, you should highlight the games inside the game itself. Mini-games make up the skeleton of the entire application and are the main tools for interaction of the player with the “creature”. Among other entertainments it is necessary to note the following: Cloud pass. The bottom line is moving on clouds as far as possible, due to which points are earned, i. e. Game monetary currency, for which then buy any buns or something like that if you want to spend coins); Find Pou. This “flash game” take is roots from the game of thimbles. Every time you need to find a place where is Pou. Difficulty levels are constantly rising; Memory. A fairly popular game is embodied in this app. It is necessary to open paired images behind hidden cells. Excellent trains attention and memory. Pou 1.4. 73 has its own atmosphere and, perhaps, thanks to this, fans of this game do not change it for a sufficiently long period.