Pou 1.4.77

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Do you have what it takes to take care of this wonderful pet? Pou is a game executed in a style that fits those players, who are not thrilled by non-stop action games and desire for something a bit more relaxing. This is your chance to chill and enjoy the company of this wonderful creature. Your cute pet doesn’t need lots of things to be truly happy. What he needs is your care, some quality food, bath time and entertaining games to play together. Make sure that he’s feeling alright and watch him grow. This game won’t let you get bored because you have the ability to unlock new cool items and outfits.


The customization options are pretty decent and you will enjoy introducing small changes every once in a while. His world is really captivating and pleasant to observe. Befriend this cartoon environment and spend your time together with your entertaining pet. This game is adored by millions of user across the globe and if you take good care of Pou then the game will reward you with new and exciting clothing items. Playing mini-games is a lot of fun and you also get coins for being successful at them. You get the chance to learn some chemistry while mixing different potions in the laboratory.


If the look of your pet doesn’t seem too attractive then you can customize his appearance and try new outfits, hats and glasses to make him look better. Also, the player can change wallpapers in every room. The gaming process is full of surprises, so be sure to complete the tasks and unlock achievements as well as special unique items. Visit your friends and play together with them. And last, but not least, you can talk to your pet! Pou is an entertaining application, which has become very successful for one reason: the game is so addictive that, having started it, it is no longer possible to stop taking care for this wonderful pet.