Race Team Manager 2.2.2

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In Race Team Manager on Android, you will play as an owner and part-time leader of the prospective racing team. At the disposal of this respected person, there are very talented and charismatic teenagers, which you will have to conduct from ordinary youth competitions to the most revered and long-awaited tournaments. We are watching the passing races, and in those rare moments when your car will stand in the garage, we are pumping your faithful helper, we conclude new contracts with other sponsors, we increase the level of repairmen and riders. Try to create from scratch a team of kings of these roads! Before moving to the main options of this new game, you need to emphasize once again that it is primarily a financial manager, and only then play it as a car simulator. That is, the lion’s share of time you will pay for the purchase of cars, their tuning (more than 12 large and small units for pumping technical characteristics), as well as the construction of additional infrastructure and the selection of qualified staff.