Red Wing Ikaro Racing 1.01

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Become a pilot of a high-class aircraft and go all the way from beginner to experienced pilot in the awesome Android game Red Wing Ikaro Racing. Airplanes are recreated with so many details. Flights are shown from all directions, which makes the feeling of flight such as you could not even dream about. Recording your flight, you can at any time view your flight and assess your shortcomings. Different game modes, 22 clear detailed tracks, stunning 3D graphics, all this awaits you in a great race on airplanes. The striking precision with which the real planes were copied is at least frightening, and the viewing angles possible during piloting will make your flights feel too real. The mobile game is very dynamic, but despite this fact, you will certainly notice the landscapes, also worked out to the smallest detail, which can distract from all difficulties, but they are at least beautiful. The game records every your flight, so you can always look it up and find mistakes, there are 22 tracks, 6 planes, 5 landscapes, several game modes and weather conditions.