Rise Of Darkness 1.2.102872

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The Android game Rise of Darkness seems like an interesting MMORPG where the player is waiting for the numerous battles and good graphics. All actions will unfold in the fantasy universe, which has been attacked by many diverse monsters who want to destroy the beautiful world. According to the plot of the mobile game, there is a legend that tells about the crystal of blood, which will help to completely destroy all demons and return them to the underworld. This crystal is located deep underground. You must take control of one of the brave warriors who alone will cope with an entire army of demons and other terrible monsters. You have four different classes at our disposal: a thief, a magician, an archer and a classic warrior. The main and for sure the most interesting feature of this game is that in addition to a different appearance and set of characteristics, all the characters can turn into demons. But, in order to activate this ability, the player has to make many combinations from a series of blows, having accumulated special energy. The game has two modes: a single company and multi-player battles. In the first you can go through locations, fight monsters and increase the level of your hero.