Roll For It! 1.0

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Are you ready to play at high stakes? Roll For It! represents a family-friendly dice and card game that is fast and very easy to play. The rules of the game are simple, all you have to do is roll the dice and match a card that’s on the table. There are three cards on the table laying face up and you are offered six dice of the same color to match the number of those cards.

Roll For It!

Remember that each card has its own number of points and the player who gets forty points or more wins. This process is really fun and lets you experience a real adrenaline rush when you go toe to toe with your opponent. Up to 8 players may participate in the same game. Enjoy the multitude of dices and their unique color and design. This is a really colorful and eye-pleasing game that’s made to bring excitement.

Roll For It!

Even though the premise of the game is pretty linear, you can still enjoy the realistic look and feel of it. The dices look very realistic and in order to roll them you will have to shake your mobile device. You don’t need both hands to play this game and it takes just a minute to learn its rules. You can play together with your friends or against competent AI. Check the store for more incredible items and additional sets of dices.