Runic Rampage

Get ready to battle and hone your ax to destroy all enemies that stand in your way. This is an exploration of truth, where the hero will run across mysterious facts that surround his people. Runic Rampage is a merciless action game that follows a gnome on his journey. Discover the destructive combos and efficient spells that will deal with thousands of brutal enemies in this incredible massacre.

Legend tells us that a long time ago there was a rune stone that served as a shield for dwarves. This token vanished leaving no trace, and the battle turned their land into ruins. You play as Grimmbard, who is the last chance for all the gnomes. In carrying out your complex task of searching for lost pieces of the stone, you have to make it out alive in the desert, overcome the gloomy and terrifying magical woods, to go down the deepest caverns and ascend to the very peak of the Frost Fortress.

Find out the whole story that surrounds the collapse of the majestic kingdom and bring back hope to your people. Prepare for a dynamic and long war in the dark dungeons. This game creates a world with a unique atmosphere of adventure and fantasy. It has a lot of features that will please even the most demanding players. Get ready to feel the wrath of the battle through cruel battles that include deadly combos. The dynamic damage system will assist you in deflecting enemy attacks, throw them against the ground and direct their attacks against each other.

For extremely dangerous bosses you will have to use a special tactic that involves destroying them by using your heavy ax. Original and unique soundtrack will help you immerse in the unique atmosphere of the game world. The level generation system offers a totally different experience with its adaptive sound design. Explore completely new levels and increase your skill with each new game.

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