Shadow Fight 2

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Shadow Fight 2 is a 2D game which involves martial arts in which players can try themselves in the role of a fighter that is equipped with a variety of weapons. Your main goal is to destroy all foes on your way. Throughout the adventures of the second installment in the series, the player has to face a variety of enemies, each of whom possesses unique appearance and skills. You will bump into very hostile enemies who will attack you all the time, as well as those who will wait until you make a mistake.

And even though you can only battle them with your own power, the game also allows you to acquire and utilize dozens of diverse weapons and even spells. Blades, knifes, batons, fire spells, all of these will be useful in the combat. The fighting structure of Shadow Fight 2 is significantly different from anything that most 2D fighters have to offer. In order to manage your hero, you will need to use the joystick. Shadow Fight 2 is an incredible fighter with outstanding graphics, animation and characters.

An impressive selection of weapons and a big number of adversaries also add diversity to the game experience. It is a furious mix of fighting and RPG. You don’t get just to experience the amazing fighting sequences, but also equip your hero, purchase weapons, increase the stats and discover new skills and moves. This epic journey sends you on your path of battle with countless powerful enemies. The land was captured by demons which are the souls of soldiers of the past.

Submerge yourself in dynamic fights with realistic animation and a unique take. Defeat enemies using a simple and intuitive control, created exclusively for touch screens. Equip your fighter with blades, nunchaku, claws, chains and much other weaponry; acquire durable armor, helmets and magic charms. Travel all the way through 6 lands to conquer evil and close the Gates of Shadows.

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