Shadow Fight 2 1.9.32

download Shadow Fight 2 1.9.32 for free

The new episode of popular Shadow Fight is here! Download the game to get access to new challenges, adventures and features. Fight for your life in the series of epic battles with dangerous and skilful enemies. Forty million players around the world enjoy Shadow Fighter – incredible mix between role-playing game and fighting. There Gate of Shadows between our world and dark universe. Its inhabitants constantly try to enter this world and only true Shadow Fighter can stop evil from conquering the earth. In order to do that he has to face endless battles with dreadful creatures. You will need courage, patience and strength to complete the challenge. But reward is waiting for you – if you play-trough all the level you gat to close The Gate of Shadows. If you like movies about martial arts, then Shadow fight is definitely is for you. Beautiful graphics, sophisticated techniques and amazing story will draw your attention for a long period of time. The training during the game will remind about your favorite martial arts movies and will allow a beginner master his skills. The amazing arsenal will help you fight the most dangerous enemies. Collect ancient swords, nunchacku and armor suits to increase your power. Download Shadow Fighter to join the epic battle between evil and good. Hints for beginners. Shadow Fight is based on philosophy of Asian martial arts. That is way the most important qualities for the player are patience, discretion and humility. – Don’ t participate in dangerous fights, until you ready; – Buy upgrades as soon as possible; – Focus on avoiding strokes, not making them4. – Build your arsenal and learn about each item; – Change tactics during the fights; confuse your enemy by hitting him in different parts of the body; – Don’ t rush fights: wait until you have enough energy to win them; – Never skip the training. You can learn a lot about your enemy; – Don’ t miss opportunities: when your enemy stars loosing his strength don’ t hesitate to hit him harder, that’ s how you will win the fight.

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