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Meet the next update for Minecraft PE. This update is available with free access to Xbox Live Subscription. This time, the developers decided to deliver 2 completely new enemies and 3 biomes for the Nether World.

What changes are waiting for you in the Nether?

For the first time, the “hellish” update was introduced by Mojang AB studio at the event of Minecon Earth 2019. Since then, a lot of time has passed and now the developers are ready to surprise players with the official “Nether Update” that comes with version for Minecraft PE.

Right now, the Nether got not just cosmetic changes, but also unique inhabitants and locations.


Hoglins are aggressive boars that live in the new location – the Crimson Forests. These hellish mobs gather in small groups and even after the extermination they can spawn in the same places after some time.

The probability of spawning of an adult Hoglin is approximately 75%.

Hoglins attack everyone, but they especially hate Piglins. These two mobs are sworn enemies. At first glance, Hoglins are not too dangerous opponents, but if they gather in large groups, but the troubles can’t be avoided.

Hoglins are dangerous beasts because during their attacks, they can throw an opponent into the air, and a fall can be fatal.

In addition, these hellish boars have resistance to repulsion, which makes them rather unpleasant rivals.

You may and you can breed Hoglins. This is done with the help of Crimson Fungi placed in the Crimson Forests biome. Breeding Hoglin cubs will give the player from 1 to 7 experience points.

Hoglins are the only types of mobs for breeding in the Nether, which means they are a very valuable source of food.


Other mobs of the Crimson Forests, who share this location with Hoglins. Piglins are aggressive and outwardly different from zombified pigs by the use of gold armor.

You may find them roaming in groups of 2 or 3 in the update

Usually, Piglins are hostile to all mobs but the player has a chance to remain untouched by them. It is enough to wear the gold armor to prevent the first against them.

After dying, Piglins respawn being armed with a golden sword and a powerful crossbow.

Important notice: you may exchange golden ingots for golden armor with Piglins.

The Bastion Remnants

New structures appear in random places all over the Nether. The Bastion Remnants resemble familiar Pillager Outposts, but they are much better protected and keep a valuable loot within their walls.

Piglins think that these Bastions are their home, so they guard the entrance.

Get ready to fight them for gold and other valuable objects.

The Soulsand Valley

Another new Nether biome that consists of the vast cave systems and fossilized plates. At the same time, the whole location is made of two blocks: Soul Sand and Soul Soil.

In this area there are ravines, lava rivers, small buildings and pillars of basalt.

The entire location is shrouded in light blue mist with barely visible sulfur particles.

Important tip: if you use a torch in this location, but the light from the fire turns blue.

Almost all mobs of the Nether Wastes can be found in the valley:

  • skeletons;
  • blazes;
  • ghasts;
  • magma cubes;
  • enderman;

Crimson Forests

If you are tired of the green forests in Minecraft, then visit this Crimson Forest in the Nether. You will not find special differences in the new biome, but admire the enchanting animation of the weeping vines.

In the upper part of this forest, you will find stalactites, but also Glowstones…

The inhabitants of the Crimson Forest are Hoglins and Piglins and it is better not to get in their way. Otherwise, there is a great risk of getting into a fierce confrontation.

This is the only biome where you won’t find enderman.

Warped Forests

Another version of the familiar forest – this time it is painted in blue shades. Most of its surface is covered with giant Fungi that evaporate the blue mist.

The biome’s soil is divided into two types: Nylium and Netherrack. That is why you can find here such new plants as vines, roots and sprouts.

The Warped Forest has become home to enderman. But you can find them in other biomes.

The probability of their spawn here is 80%.

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