Download Minecraft PE — a massive update of the Nether World!

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Here you may download the full version of the update for Minecraft PE on Android OS. This update will deliver new biomes in the beloved Nether World and its unique mobs.

What changes are coming with Minecraft PE

The Nether world has changed drastically since its first update! First and foremost, you will meet 2 new mobs – Piglins and Hoglins.

The new biomes – Crimson Forests and Warped Forests – serve as a homeland for these new creatures and the center of the Nether.


Minecraft PE brought the players a new kind of mobs – Hoglins. At some points, these creatures resemble warhogs possessed by demons. They rarely move alone, mostly in groups. They are quite aggressive towards everyone around.

Usually adult Hoglins spawn in the Crimson Forests, but there is a slight chance to meet Hoglin cubs. Keep in mind than Hoglins confront Piglins, but sometimes little Hoglins try to make friends with their sworn enemies.

Hoglin attacks are not as diverse as the attacks by other mobs, but they can cause many problems. When a Hoglin throws a player in the air, it is dangerous because you may get fatal damage after hitting the ground.

Hoglins can be fed with Crimson Fungi. This is an excellent solution for leveling up – from 1 to 7. In fact, these mobs are the only source of food in the Nether, so you have to stock up on Crimson Fungi.


Meet the new inhabitants of Crimson Forests. Piglins can be easily confused with zombified pigs, but there are many differences.

Firstly, Piglins are much more aggressive than local zombified pigs. And, secondly, you can easily recognize them by the shiny gold armor.

You can get Piglin’s armor without any violence. To do this, it is enough to put a gold object (for example, an ingot) next to an adult Piglin and the mob will exchange it for the golden armor or weapon.

Otherwise, Piglins are aggressive towards all the inhabitants of the Nether, including the player. But their sworn enemies are Hoglins.

The Bastion Remnants

The Nether got the structures resembling the outposts called the Bastion Remnants. These structures are incredibly strong, but at the same time contain a lot of valuable loot. The surroundings of these bastions are guarded by Piglins.

In fact, the Bastion Remnants are not much different from Pillager Outposts – except they mostly locate in the Crimson Forests.

The Soulsand Valley

Finally, the developers decided to give us new biomes. The first of these locations is the Soulsand Valley. This location will be great for the fans of exploring the vast mazes of caves and admire the beauty of Lava lakes and fossils.

Most of the Nether consists of the Soulsand and fossils. But at the same time, the biome is distinguished by its transparent blue mist all over the valley.

In this vast biome, you can meet the following Nether inhabitants:

  • blazes;
  • ghasts;
  • skeletons;
  • magma cubes;
  • enderman;

Crimson Forests

The location fully lives up to its title – it is a vivid Nether forest painted in the bright red shade. Perhaps this is the only difference between the Crimson Forests and the usual forests in Minecraft. Like the Soulsand Valley, the Crimson Forest is shrouded in the mist of the bright orange shade. The soil for the Weeping vines growing here is Crimson Nylium.

To feel comfortable in this massive hellish forest, you should use the night vision upgrade.

When exploring the upper part of the forest, you can find stalactites and Glowstones.

But the inhabitants of the biome are very aggressive – Piglins and Hoglins are constantly at odds with each other. And they are wary of strangers.

Warped Forests

The latest biome from the update in Minecraft PE. The Warped Forests consists of giant Crimson Fungi that evaporate the blue mist all over the entire location.

The whole area of the forest is covered with Fungi, along with other plants that grow on the Warped Nylium and Netherrack.

Patchnotes of the update Minecraft PE

  • Frequent crashes of the games were fixed;
  • Incorrect Enchanting spells were fixed;
  • The biome inhabitants who lost aiming received it again;

Download Minecraft

TitleMinecraft Bedrock
Release date26.03.2020
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