Download Minecraft PE — 3 new biomes!

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A full version of Minecraft PE on Android with an active Xbox Live is available for download! The massive update includes new mobs of Nether in 3 completely new biomes!

Minecraft Pocket Edition – the details of a new update

The version of the game for mobile devices was called «Nether Update» and it is a large-scale addition that changes the hellish dimension of Minecraft drastically. The Nether Wastes got 2 new mobs with advanced artificial intelligence, just like bees from the previous update.

Interesting fact: Bees appeared in the update of PE 1.14.0 and these are the first mobs in Minecraft that have several behavior scenarios at once.

Completely new 3 biomes help to look at the Nether world. All locations are unique and filled with incredible buildings, mobs, and scripts.


The Nether Update from the very beginning makes it clear that the main inhabitants in Minecraft PE are pig-like mobs.

For instance, Hoglins are sort of warhogs who behave in an aggressive manner. These mobs settled down in the Crimson Forest. They mostly move in groups of 2 – 3 beasts.

The chance of meeting an adult hoglin here is 75%.

Hoglins are the main source of food for other mobs in the biome. It’s not surprising that they are constantly hunted as prey. But do not underestimate these hellish boars, because they are quite capable of standing up for themselves. For example, their attack is equal to the blows of Iron Golems.

Interesting fact: Hoglins attack by throwing the enemies up in the air.

The main rivals of Hoglins are Piglins. If these piggies will see one another, then a merciless fight is inevitable.


The game got awesome zombified pigs some time ago. However, developers decided that it would not be superfluous to add another variety of these mobs.

Piglins are a completely new kind of enemies with a unique range of features.

The spawn place: you can meet them in one of the new locations that appeared in the update – Crimson Forests.

Piglins were designed to fight against Hoglins and defend the Bastion Remnants. Piglins are easy to recognize by their gold armor.

The update also includes a barter function with Piglins. If you throw a golden ingot near this mob, then it is highly likely that it will give you his weapon in exchange (a golden sword or crossbow).

Piglins are dangerous to all creatures of the Nether world, but for some reason they avoid zombified pigs. They will not ignore players, but if the player wear their golden armor then the fight can be avoided.

Interesting fact: it seems that the developers leave both mobs despite their similarities – piglins and zombified pigs.

The Bastion Remnants

The Bastion Remnants are a new type of buildings added with Minecraft PE You can find them in the Crimson Forests. But to occupy them you will have to fight with Piglins first.

These mobs at the cost of their lives will protect the most valuable loot of the Bastion Remnants – gold.

Interesting fact: About a year ago, the Mojang developers delivered the last building before the Bastion Remnants – when they added Pillager Outposts in PE 1.10.0.

It is funny how the Bastion Remnants resemble the Pillager Outposts visually, but they are much better protected.

The Soulsand Valley

It is one of the most important innovations in Minecraft PE As the title of this biome suggests, the Soulsand Valley consists of Soulsand and Soul Soil.

This incredibly beautiful biome is covered in the transparent blue mist.

In addition to the Soulsand, the new biome also offers miscellaneous fossils, Lava lakes and a massive maze of caves.

What mobs inhabit the Soulsand Valley?

The Soulsand Valley is the only place in the game where you can meet almost all Nether mobs:

  • skeletons;
  • blazes;
  • ghasts;
  • magma cubes;
  • enderman;

Crimson Forests

If you want to see with your own eyes all the shades of orange and red colors, then you visit a new location in the PE update called Crimson Forests.

Important notice! Seeing other shades but red and orange is almost impossible here. For the convenience of moving around the location, turn on the night vision mode.

How does it look?

The soil of the Crimson Forest is covered with Nylium where the weeping vines grow. The surface of the soil is covered with stalactites and glowstones. This biome is mainly inhabited by hoglins and piglins.

You can meet fewer mobs here, but even the enderman prefer to avoid the dangerous Crimson Forest.

Warped Forests

This biome has a few enormous mushrooms, the tops of which are covered in blue mist. Otherwise, The Warped Forests are practically no different from other forests in the game.

The unique feature of this biome is Warped Fungi and similar warped vegetation. Nylium and Netherrack of blue color serve not only for decoration but also for the soil for growing the most plants in this location.

Besides enderman, you will hardly meet anyone else.

Download Minecraft

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