Sky Rider: The Final Chapter 1.0

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Sky Rider: The Final Chapter is an incredible adventure game that is going to impress you through incredible graphics and a well conceived plot line. You have to encounter and face a big number of obstacles and foes on your way to victory. Retrieve the stolen crown from the most dangerous villain! Even though this sounds like a pretty easy task to accomplish, you will have to feel all the dangers of this fantastical world.

Sky Rider: The Final Chapter

Luckily, your hero is equipped with everything that’s necessary in order put a stop to the villainous plans. There are a lot of things you can do to help your character succeed. Try to upgrade his skills by collecting precious stars during the game process. By unlocking new powers you will also gain a significant advantage. You have a nice choice of heroes to select from, but that’s not all you have to choose.

Sky Rider: The Final Chapter

There is also a pet you can take with you on this dangerous mission. Thanks to your pet you’ll gain the ability to fly. Make sure to avoid enemy attacks and cause enough damage to your enemies in return. They will be trying to take you down! There will be a lot of surprises waiting for you. Unlock new characters and new skills that will assist you on this dangerous journey!