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Smash Hit 1.4.2

Smash Hit was developed by the studio Mediocre. Smash Hit on Android is the shooting game purely based on realistic physics. Previous games of this developer (Sprinkle and Sprinkle Islands) received their attention and popularity on Android.

Features of Smash Hit (Premium)

Smash Hit is a minimalist shooter that is completely tied to realistic physics. You need to shoot balls located in glass constructions. After getting hit the balls will realistically fall apart in real time. It looks really exciting. This action is supplied by exciting sounds: throughout the game you will be chased by the crunch of glass, crumbling into shards and awesome OST. Controls are very simple.

Your every touch on the screen results as a ball shot. Among glass objects there are two types of objects that need to fall at any cost and balls that may stay untouched. For hitting optional objects, you’ll get extra points. Bonus balls do not interfere, because the number of main balls is limited. If the balls run out, then the game will stop. If you linger and miss the glass, collision will take up to 10 balls, which will significantly reduce the in-game time and bring you closer to losses.

Gameplay of Smash Hit on Android

All levels are unique and not repetitive. In addition, they differ in types of obstacles and speed. The music is dynamic, it’s constantly changing and adapting to the gameplay. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty of the game will increase, forcing you to make decisions literally in a split second.

Speed ​​and skills play the most important role. Your survival will depend on it. If you lose, you have to start the level again. Checkpoints are provided only in the paid version of the game. For successful hitting the target, you’ll receive bonuses in the form of increasing amount of balls or slowing down time. This slightly simplifies the process of passing the game.

Rarely which mobile games are becoming large-scale projects that have been waited for years and about which controversial conversations and fierce disputes take place in a narrow circle of mobile gamers, and even fewer among such games are representatives of the arcade game.

Smash Hit is a phenomenon unique for Android. Even at the initial stage of development, it attracted the attention of many players with and without experience with its extremely unusual concept.

Smash Hit brings mobile gaming to the new level — the physics of destructible objects is so realistic in the mobile game that you will be surprised. The same can be said about graphics. Smash Hit on Android invites you to make a very unusual and fascinating journey through times and dimensions — are you ready to accept such a generous offer? Multiple challenges are waiting for you!

You can free download Smash Hit 1.4.2 apk for android the latest original version available on our mobile portal. Or the full official version on a direct link to Google Play.

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