Smash Hit (Premium) 1.4.0

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Smash Hit is an arcade game for android, the plot of which unfolds in a fictional world. Each level is unique and designed with colorful cubes, glowing neon and transparent glass objects. The latter, however, do not belong to the scenery, being the main goal of the player who must break these figures with special metal balls. The game was developed by the company Mediocre, established in the genre thanks to such applications as Granny Smith and Sprinkle. The project gained wide popularity among users even before its release thanks to the amazing pre-release trailers, which demonstrated a simple but fascinating gameplay. Minimalistic graphics are executed masterfully.

Smash Hit (Premium)

This game is controlled via a first-person view, and provides for a constant movement forward through a variety of fragile obstacles made of the material that for its properties and appearance resembles glass. Destroy them with the help of the aforementioned tools. Their number of these tools is limited, so it is necessary to create destruction by putting your logic to work. Some obstacles move, which allows you to get past them without spending precious balls. Special triangular crystals replenish ammunition. To destroy them, only one charge is required, but you will receive three at a time. It is not recommended to bump into these objects because you’ll lose a bunch of your ammunition.

Smash Hit (Premium)

From time to time the player can observe on his way special icons, symbolizing additional bonuses and switches that open the doors once you hit them.The game lasts until all the balls have run out. After you have completed all the levels, there is an endless mode available. A very fitting sound background coupled with high-quality graphics execution and lack of significant flaws makes Smash Hit a perfectly playable arcade game. It is great for both long and short gaming sessions.

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