Smash Hit (Premium) 1.4.0

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Salvador Dali did not live to see the era of computer games. An ingenious artist certainly would have created something extraordinary in new area. But if you are curious about what games of Dali’ s authorship would be like, pay attention to Smash Hit. This unusual game with a simple storyline and unique graphics will make you think about his works. Who said that a mobile game can not be an art? Download Smash Hit and make sure that they are wrong. The goal of a player is to overcome the maximum number of obstacles that are encountered in his path. The player travels through futuristic landscapes, destroying glass objects with silver balls. At his disposal there is a limited number of balls in order to pass the next level. If the balls end before all the glass barriers are destroyed, then the level is considered to be failed. The game is highly involving not only because of excellent three-dimensional graphics. Each task and obstacle has a special sound track, which helps to immerse in virtual reality. The beauty of surreal landscapes is difficult to get used to, because they are constantly changing. In the game there are 50 tasks performed in 11 graphic styles. For those players who managed to pass all levels, the mode of endless game opens. The dynamism of moving in a futuristic landscape, the detailed mechanics of breaking glass and the uniqueness of the idea itself turned Smash Hit into one of the most popular games for mobile devices. Tips for Beginners. – Try to save the silver balls. Do not destroy all obstacles on your path, some of them can be simply bypassed; – Watch closely the balance of the balls. It can be replenished by destroying small obstacles. For each hit on the target you will receive three or more silver balls on the account The number of bounces increases with when you reach higher levels in the game; – You can get bonuses. Pay attention to objects that are not similar to other obstacles. If you hit them with a ball, you can get an unlimited supply of balls for a certain period of time or the ability to slow down the flight speed.

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