Soul Knight 1.7.6

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Would you like to participate in a mission on which depends the fate of humanity? You have arrived to the right destination, because those pesky aliens have done it once again. They have stolen a magic stone and it is up to you to retrieve it, but actually, your main goal is to shoot as many aliens as you can just because it is fun! You can choose from a wide variety of weapons, each of them packing unique fire power and enough gun powder to punish your enemies real good.

Soul Knight

Various characters will help you go through this adventure with the help of their unique abilities. Join them on their journey to collect awesome weapons, explore the dungeon and dodge enemy bullets while shooting back at the same time. Isn’t this what you have always dreamed about? The controls and gameplay here are close to perfection, it will be a real joy interacting with the world via your heroes.

Soul Knight

This shooter is definitely worth checking it out. It features more than 100 types of weapons as well as an auto-aim system that will allow for a very good intuitive control. Randomly generated elements of the game world will add to a fresh experience every time you enter the shooter. Have fun getting rid of alien minions in the most creative ways!